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[tor-talk] Better MAPADDRESS [was: FB/Yahoo]

Wouldn't a more capable MAPADDRESS function
help some of you who need to anchor certain
services to a specified exit over long term use?

Though I can't find it at the moment, I know maybe
a year ago I proposed augmenting the MAPADDRESS
function to handle both:
- Wildcarding domain names at dot boudaries. Perhaps also regex.
- CIDR block notation for IP ranges. Perhaps also list notation.
Because unless you know all the various FQDN's and IP
addresses some company like Yahoo uses to provide its
services (which you don't), you're going to have holes
in your MAP. If server A in their cluster sees you from
China, and server B (that you didn't knowabout and therefore
missed) sees you from Germany, that could yield quite
unpredictable service, extra authentication, loss of account, etc.

Anyways, just throwing it out there. Where might someone
log a formal enhancement request for something like this?
The bug tracker? Seems like it would be fairly easy to implement.
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