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Re: [tor-talk] Mail services: Hotmail / Live, Outlook

On 3/15/2013 4:04 PM, grarpamp wrote:
Hotmail / Live will lock you out for traveling.
Attempts to self recover will create a ticket for human review.
They are thus NOT recommended for Tor users.
Though untested, presumably this failure extends to their new Outlook service.

"It looks like someone else might be using your account.
To help you-and only you-get back in, we need to verify that it's yours."

Don't know if this will always work, for all providers, but I have set torrc to use only exit nodes in my country or same country where I signed up for the acct. For some providers, that may work. I tried it once w/ Yahoo, not specifying exit node country & they gave the msg mentioned.

Reset exit nodes, got a *NEW* IP & dialed again. This time no problem. THAT time, appeared they were only looking at the country - not city, state, province, etc.

It may not work in all cases, but worth a shot. If a provider had any sense, they'd allow the traveling user to answer secret questions, etc.

For the less security informed: Don't choose secret questions like, "What make was your 1st car" or "What is your favorite color," w/ answers like "Ford" or "Blue." That's like shooting fish in a barrel to a hacker.

Don't choose those type questions, if given an option. If no choice for questions, answer it w/ a nonsensical answer. "First car:" = "bug guts green"
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