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[tor-talk] VOIP over Tor

I need to consult with Tor developers on the issues:
- Will Tors of caller and calee use the same or new nodes for building
circuit after the close and immediate reestablish the connection by
caller (client) to calee (HS)?
- How will the scheme described below affect the safety of connection
against possible
deanonymizing attacks?
Please, help!

>With 3 TOR nodes, from 100 call, only 21 call which have acceptable
quality call, whereas with 2 tor >nodes, i got 36 acceptable quality
I got similar results, so I try to establish a few connections, duplicate
voip packets on all, receiving from the fastest and dynamically
restarting the slowest.

>By the way, why do you have to communicate from hidden service to hidden
>service? Wouldn't it suffice if the callee would act as server and the
>caller as client?
I was misunderstood: caller is client, calee is HS. But they both built
their circuits in the call.

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