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[tor-talk] Mozilla Persona and Tor

Myself I'm quite happy with OpenID. I have been using it for a few years and I am sad it has not expanded as I don't use FB and I have some doubts about Twitter being any better than FB.

I have heard in the past about Persona. Actually BrowserID. It sounded like a bad idea, but I can't recall why I have set this oppinion.

Today I went to a site that requires registration. This is not the New York Times, so no need of Bug Me Not. It asks for FB (out of the question), MSN (out of the question), Google (limited number of Tor accounts) or Persona. I would not sacrifice the Google account.

So how does Persona relate with Tor? Would New Identity be enough? Could it be safely used while browsing other sites without making TorBrowser sing to the other sites? Is there a restart imposed? Could it survive the way LSOs from Flash survive the restart?

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