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Re: [tor-talk] What is up with: tails-i386-0.17.1?

30.03.2013 00:19, whistler:
> On: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 17:06:30 +0100, intrigeri <intrigeri@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> whistler wrote (25 Mar 2013 18:55:25 GMT) :
>>> But when I go to 
>>> 	https://archive.torproject.org/amnesia.boum.org/tails/stable/
>>> to find it, that directory is not there.
>>> When I go directly to the directory for 17.1, it is there, and has a signature
>>> file and iso file.  The signature file is a real signature file but the
>>> iso file consists of html saying that there is no iso file.
>> I can reproduce none of these problems, sorry.

> Thanks for your reply.  Perhaps if I supplied more information it
> would be helpful.
> When I go to:
> 	 https://archive.torproject.org/amnesia.boum.org/tails/stable/
> [...] 
> Are you sure that this directory and the files it contains are not on
> your server?
> Thanks,
> Whistler


I'm using Firefox 19 on Windows 7 and for me it's all fine. If I click
on the .iso Firefox asks me where to save to the file (default config
would be saving to "Downloads" without prompting). I started the
download and it loads the iso. I checked that it wouldn't be just html
code and aborted the download to avoid loading the whole thing. (Already
created unnecessary traffic)

Both files have to be on the server, otherwise I'm not sure how Firefox
would be able to retrieve them.

You may try another browser or some sort of download manager.

Sebastian G. (bastik_tor)

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