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[tor-talk] Help: Concurrently run TBB and an Obfs bridge from installed Tor; Win 7.


I want to help censored Tor users by running an obfsproxy bridge, but I
(think I) also want to concurrently run TBB for my personal use. The
reason I would rather not use the TBB as the obfsproxy bridge is I don't
leave TBB open and running 24/7; unless starting/stopping the obfs
bridge a few times per day isn't 'bad.'

I don't know where to start because the Tor Project is very large and
complex (at least to me). Here are a few questions I hope someone
can/will answer, please forgive these if you think they're basic; I
searched before I sent this e-mail, to no avail:

1. How the heck do I run an obfs bridge on Windows? (IIRC, I recall
reading a very complex instruction page, I wonder if it's now easier to
run an obs bridge on Windows)

2. Is it unhelpful to run an obfs bridge if it starts/stops a few times
per day?

3. If the answer to 2 is yes, how can I concurrently run two Tors, on
for the obfs bridge and one for my TBB? (I know how to do this on
non-Windows, I'm hoping it easy to do on Windows)


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