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[tor-talk] Advice on XMPP as a hidden service

I run the public XMPP server at chat.cpunk.us and I'd like to make the service also available as a hidden service. I have a few questions:

1. Let's say my hidden service is xxxcf.onion. What would the users final JID be? Would they still be user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or would the onion address come into play?

2. Is it necessary to actually configure a hidden service at all? Can't users just point their SOCKS proxy capable XMPP client to the server or does going through an onion address provide something else in this case that I'm not aware of?

3. even though we run a Jingle node and act as a media relay, I assume users still will not be able to do voice and video while connected to our server over Tor. Is that correct? Is there any way to safely offer voice and video to Tor connected users?

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