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[tor-talk] Torproject frontpage content

Noticed that the frontpage mentions location/anonymity
but doesn't actually say anything about encryption shielding
your thoughts and interactions from your first hop ISP/employer/wifi/etc.
Location is a big part, but the encryption is equally worthy of mention.
ie: 'why anonymity matters' has two parts... location and encryption.
'from learning what sites you visit' doesn't tell the full story, it needs
a layman 'what you / your party says' component.
Keep in mind that many people don't 'get' or like anonymity, but they
do get keeping convo private from nearby peepers before coming to
understanding the greater anon thing.

Also, the 'get involved with tor' link is just standing like thumb out of
place in that top left quadrant of 'about/what/why tor' sales stuff.
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