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Re: [tor-talk] TLS/SSL SMTP MitM

> Yeah, that still requires the Tor Browser Bundle - not available on
> PowerPC.  Anybody know if I can tell what circuit a program (my email
> client in this case) is using and figure out the exit relay ID from
> that info, on the command line?
> Best,
> - -Gordon M.

If you disabled stream separation by process, you could run a browser
over the same circuit and use any site that reports your IP e.g.
DNSStuff.com, or fire off a request via proxied wget or curl from the
command line (this all assuming you have Privoxy or Polipo as HTTP
Proxy). Or perhaps log in from your email client to a disposible account
that logs user IPs or logins (SafeMail.net has I login log I think, and
GMX.com reports originating IP in sent emails) and send yourself an

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