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[tor-talk] canvas image data

People have talked about the pop up message below, that apprears in TBB on many sites.
"*This website (duckduckgo.com) attempted to access image data on a canvas. Since canvas image data can be used to discover information about your computer, blank image data was returned this time*"
I'm not sure I've seen a consensus whether it's (always), (sometimes), (rarely) a bad idea to allow the site, or "we're not sure." What happens if you don't even click the pop up - don't allow or forbid? Does TBB then allow / deny the action by default?

If you *don't* click on the pop up, it goes away when you click something else, but that's not saying what it actually does. Is it generally NOT an anonymity / privacy issue to play HTML5 content in TBB?

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