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Re: [tor-talk] Turkish Language Pack


M. YÄldÄrÄm:
> Guys,
> You may already be aware of the restrictions in Tukey's extreme religious
> ruling party named AKP. They now banned google dns servers too to restrict
> access to twitter targeting for regular users who lacks at english. So
> there are already sites for how to tutorials over the web and one of the
> bast ways is to use TOR browser. But i worry about the populations huge
> percentage who does not know english.
> So i do have concerns about this planned evolution process from the ruling
> party which is already pumping for an enslaved generation of ignorant
> people. I do feel Tor browsers Turkish Language Pack will put a stick in to
> their plans which will end up by providing more understandable how to ways
> to get rid of web restrictions.
> I kindly request a tor browser pack in turkish language to issue for this.
> I hope you guys share the same responsibility as i feel. Furthermore i can
> provide my service for translating every text in the browser to turkish
> language because google translator may lack at giving a proper translation.

thanks. We have a bug on this already and plan to add turkish language
support in the next days (https://bugs.torproject.org/9010). Thus, I
guess the next TBB release will contain turkish bundles, too.


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