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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Project and Youtube is blocked in Turkey too

> Greetings from Turkey,
> Today, Tor Project and Youtube websites are blocked in Turkey by the
> biggest Turkish ISP, TTNet. However, other ISPs in Turkey will block them
> too. Besides, I'm not sure they're going to block Exit Nodes in days to
> come but probably they'll.
> ~Kus

Might be worth spreading some mirrors around (on that Twitter website
that no one can get to)? Last week, for example, there was a new one set
up in Turkey: http://tor.kslt.tk/.

I don't know if the government is ready to block Tor relays just yet.
It'll probably all go away next week once ErdoÄan and his motley band
have safely won the election.

Otherwise, I suppose the Tor help desk will be getting a lot more emails
in Turkish.
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