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[tor-talk] Tor and Hamachi IP conflict


My problem is that if I want to host a relaying point, I have to release my
Hamachi adapter, otherwise Tor resolves it's IP as my external, so others
can't join. I tried to change the adapter order but it didn't help. Also,
if I renew my Hamachi IP after Tor set up the relaying and done port
checks, it says my external IP changed from <Real external IP> to <Hamachi
I tried to set ORPort to (my local IP that's connected to
the router) and also OutboundBindAddress but they did not
help, Tor still trying to use my Hamachi IP.
I'm using the v0.2.4.20 on Windows 7.
Does anyone know a solution for this?

Regards; Szotyi
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