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Re: [tor-talk] Fixing the problem of sending email from Tor: Proof of Work based system

He was talking about using a proof of work for anti-spam purposes.
That requires support at both ends. Encryption and signatures also require support at both ends.

For all those reasons I think that secure and anonymous email needs a new protocol. It should not be patched onto SMTP. People have been trying to do that for 20 years and secure email is
still rare.

Confidant Mail also has a listserv, so you can run a mailing list behind Tor with it. The users have to download the software, but that's true of any secure mail option, and mine is easy to set up on
the client side.


That email system, with built in Tor support and proof of work based anti-spam, has already been built.
Get it here:

On the website it says that it is "non-SMTP", but naif's requirement was to sent out SMTP mail in the end, wasn't it? So how would that work?



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