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Re: [tor-talk] The "StrictNodes 0" will disappeared from my torrc when I do some change on the setting using vidalia.

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And even better you can start using the latest Tor stable which is

Your Tor version is listed as 'recommended version' in the
consensus, so it's not like you are shooting yourself in the foot, but
unless you have a very good reason (I can't think of one) to have that
specific Tor version, I STRONGLY recommend you to upgrade to the
latest Tor stable.

Vidalia is also unmaintained. Why do you need it exactly? Why won't
you run Tor Browser (with Tor launcher) which has a GUI for you to add
proxy, bridges, and whatever network connectivity requirements you
might have. You just have to leave the Tor Browser (portable Firefox)
open in your bar while using the Tor localhost socks5.

If this is annoying, then install Tor as a service on your OS and
start it from services when you want to use it.

On 3/7/2015 3:51 PM, Juan Miguel Navarro Martínez wrote:
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> Fecha: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 14:44:17 +0100 Desde: Juan Miguel Navarro
> Martínez <juanmi_3000@xxxxxxxxxxx> Para:
> tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Asunto: Re: [tor-talk] The
> "StrictNodes 0" will disappeared from my torrc when I do some
> change on the setting using vidalia.
> Every time you make some settings on Vidalia, torrc file before the
> changes gets renamed into torrc.# and a new torrc file is created.
> So if you want to have "StrictNode 0" you better changes setting
> in Vidalia, then add your changes in torrc afterwards.
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