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Re: [tor-talk] Load Balancing/High Availability Hidden Services

On 11/03/15 15:27, MacLemon wrote:
> I'm looking into ideas for creating “load balanced” or “high availability” hidden services. Mostly pertaining to web servers serving large-ish static files. (Let's say 5-100MB each.)
> Load balanced as in not all requests end up at the same box to speed up downloads.
> High availability as in the service is still available if one box goes down or is taken offline for maintenance.
> So, not exactly your usual distributed-cluster setup.
> From what I understand it would not make sense to run the same HS Key on multiple boxes since the descriptors would overwrite each other every few minutes.
> I don't think one can do something like Round-Robin DNS with HS.
> So the only way I can imagine this to work is a central redirection node that know about all the nodes and more or less intelligently/randomly 302 redirects each file request to a known-to-it server.
> This still leaves a single-point-of-failure in form of the redirection server but would at least distribute the traffic load across multiple servers and cope for nodes coming and going.
> Has anyone done something like this?

Yes, I designed and implemented a modification to tor to do this.
Currently nothing I implemented is particularly usable, mostly due to
the nature of the modifications that I made, but also partly due to my
knowledge (or lack thereof) of the code base and c.

My report is available [1] (I did the work as an academic project), and
so is the branch in which I did the rough implementation [2].

There are also some threads on the tor-dev list where this is discussed.

1: http://cbaines.net/projects/tor/disths/report.pdf
2: http://git.cbaines.net/?p=tor.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/disths

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