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Re: [tor-talk] Alternatives to Tor Browser?

My two cents:

The article is poorly written, and describes "alternatives" very poorly,
or down right incorrectly.

There are alternatives out there, but they missed quite a few good ones.
And they glossed over the fact that the article was about how Tor has
been compromised, while at the very same time suggesting using
alternative software that uses Tor. That's not an alternative.

- Tails uses the Tor network and TBB.
- Subgraph uses Tor.

Now... Subgraph looks interesting. But what's the point? Their time
would have been better spent forking Tails, instead of attempting to
re-invent the wheel from the ground up. Or jump onto the Hurd project
and get that damn thing working.

The Tor community uses well established software (Debian for Tails,
Firefox for Tor Browser, Thunderbird for TorBirdy) and modifies them to
be as secure as possible.

Subgraph claims they wrote their own code from scratch. This is an...
ideological decision... but I would always take open source software
reviewed by thousands of users, possibly tens of thousands over the
years for Debian, over open source software reviewed by possibly dozens
of users.

But more to the point, Subgraph isn't available. Development of Subgraph
mail appears to have stopped August 2014, their last blog post was over
5 months ago, and there exists nothing for Subgraph OS to download/review.

All that being said, it is possible these guys from Montreal are
fantastic developers with mad 1337 skills that can revolutionize the
internet. Time will tell.

Again - my two cents.

Kind regards,

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