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Re: [tor-talk] followup: United States v. Jay Michaud

On 03/09/2017 10:14 PM, krishna e bera wrote:
> "The Department of Justice filed a motion in Washington State federal
> court on Friday to dismiss its indictment against a child porn site. It
> wasn’t for lack of evidence; it was because the FBI didn’t want to
> disclose details of a hacking tool to the defense as part of discovery.
> Evidence in United States v. Jay Michaud hinged at least in part on
> information federal investigators had gathered by exploiting a
> vulnerability in the Tor anonymity network.
> ..."
> https://www.wired.com/2017/03/feds-rather-drop-child-porn-case-give-exploit/

The Wired article misleadingly says "indictment against a child porn
site". Jay Michaud was allegedly just a user, not a site admin etc.[0]
David Browning and Steven Chase were allegedly the admins.[1]

1) http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-38907071
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