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Re: [tor-talk] Possible solution to next-gen onion services UX disaster

Having lived through a period where email addresses as we know them (
foo@xxxxxxxxxxx) were pre-emptively declared to be a usability disaster
zone, and seeing the resultant train-wreck of X.400 addressing being
foisted upon the UK academic community as a simple, clear, and intuitive

    see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X.400

…having seen this (-^) to be declared as self-evidently better and then
watch it die as RFC822 took over the world, then I for one am inclined to
ask tor just to roll out 53(?)-character Base32 addresses and "see what

Trying to forward-guess the community seems often to land in disaster.


ps: if the above looks familiar, it's because the X.500 directory services
that were invented to support X.400 email were later resurrected from the
dead as LDAP, because you can't keep a bad idea down in the "identity"

pps: i was a university sysadmin in the early 1990s; the ISODE consortium
literally gave us a high-end server to deploy X.400 and X.500 code on, a
server which sat idle because nobody liked X.500.  So I used it to develop
password cracking software.

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