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Re: [tor-talk] A Pluggable Transport based on i2p?

> You want to hide the fact that you are using an anonymization network by using
an anonymization network. This idea seems pretty stupid to me.

That setup was not about hiding the fact that one uses Tor, I can think of three or four

o Getting around Tor censorship when your government doesn't censor the i2p network (which
is arguably more difficult to censor than vanilla Tor). There was a thread on forum.i2p on
the status of i2p censorship in the world, and apparently it's still not blocked by governments
that tried to/blocked Tor.
o Taking advantage of the security of both networks, so if the Tor network is theoretically
pwned one is still safe because of i2p, and if i2p is pwned one is still safe.
o Hiding the fact that you're using Tor and i2p, with such setup one can only learn that
you're using i2p (the opposite can't be *completely* made, since Tor doesn't support UDP
one can only use TCP with a Tor->i2p setup).
o Making traffic correlation attacks harder (?).
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