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Re: [tor-talk] BitPay seems to be rejecting payments via Tor

On 03/17/2017 02:40 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> An 'exit bridge' in this sense could just be requesting
> 'getexitbridges' to send you connection details to
> such an OpenVPN termination point.
> Operators and others could run this without TPI
> involvement and perhaps resist what accurates TorDNSEL.

Well, I recall complaints from AirVPN about people routing Tor exits
through it. Which was adding to their abuse and block-list problems. So
it arguably ought to be a private VPN.

> Or simply run a parallel network with other exit IP until such
> a time as it becomes heavily blocked too, then repeat :)
> Having only one exit overlay network is an easy target.

Problematic is limited IPv4 resource. I wonder if there's some way to do
ephemeral routable IPv6. I mean, why do proxies need addresses that last
more than a day? Why not give every circuit a different IPv6?

> Defense in depth.

Always good :)
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