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[tor-talk] Using .onion address for MQTT pubsub.

Just a little experiment after seeing Home Assistant. Is it possible to
start a Mosquitto server and publish / subscribe using tor address?

I tried doing:

mosquitto_sub -h abcdefg123456789.onion -d -t hello/world AND
mosquitto_sub -h abcdefg123456789.onion -p 9150(and mqtt port) -d  -t

mosquitto_pub -h abcdefg123456789.onion -d -t hello/world -m "Hello
World" AND
mosquitto_pub -h abcdefg123456789.onion -p 9150(and mqtt port) -d -t
hello/world -m "Hello World"

There wasn't a connection on either end. So obviously, I'm doing
something wrong. What am I missing here as far as making the connection?
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