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[tor-talk] Still ticket #2533

Have not hear anything re above ticket for a while. Still having the same problem 'Secure connection failed' and unable to 'Test tor network settings'. 
What are the latest developments?
Upon Testing tor network settings the bottom status line toggles between connecting/connected  to https://torproject.org until the Secure connection failed appears.
Have not changed setup at all since the vrowser worked flawlesly.
Any idea what else to do?
Thanks and regards
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Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Tor browser error message
Have not heard anything re above ticket - 'Secure connection failed' and unable to check 
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> Have done both - no change.
rather strange
did you download your torbrowser from here?
> I have also noticed, that the first time <i have installed the
> browser
tor browser should not require an actual installation (it can be executed directly)
> Virtually with any page I try. 
just pages with HTTP*S* or also HTTP (no s at the end)?
You can also manually check if you are browsing via tor by copying
http://checkip.dyndns.org/ or https://www.whatismyip.com
and copying that IP to this search field:
but I would be suspicious if there are some problems with your setup,
maybe you can try on a second computer?
it might be hard to solve this non-interactively, maybe IRC
would be more suitable here

could you let me know if this is a request from you: 
(so I we can
tell if there are multiple persons having this problem)
twitter: @nusenu_
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