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[tor-talk] To butt into a FOIA'd conversation

> >
> I now expect to have invitations from many FBI groups around the
> east coast to come talk to them in more detail. One of the downsides
> I'm beginning to realize is the high rate of churn of good technical
> people at FBI. Once they learn enough useful technical stuff, they can
> get higher-paying jobs elsewhere. So is my goal of training all the
> FBI people about Tor and anonymity a losing proposition? Some people
> say that FBI is really good at maintaining its institutional memory,
> despite the turnover rate. Need to learn more.

The revolving door aspect of government means that many former employees
work full time in the private sector, and part time for the government,
often at increased salaries.

This doesn't seem to apply to the government's IT departments, which in the
case of OPM, was outsourced to China, and later hacked by unrelated Chinese
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