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Re: [tor-talk] Tor4

I've poor slow english and apologize for any possible inaccuracies. Who is

I mean the Tor has better design for secure data exchange at this moment,
and any "Talk" can be build on the onion at several days, even hours. It is
a surprise me almost complete absence of special (using onion address)
applications. Most famous the TorChat has last edited in 2012. Nobody needs
something or what?

I want to draw the community's attention to IPFS.io . This excellent
technology could be used for the new Tor. Obviously, she has a strong lack
of secrecy, for another hand for Tor would be very useful to get more
properties of P2P. It would be great to combine them. On RAM-fs can work
fast enough.

if I would be have a copy of the file from another Tor-user, I do not need
to go outside

On Friday, March 2, 2018, Wanderingnet <wanderingnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sorry, but 'shill'? I just grab any email providers I can, the more secure
> the better, and use them, a gradually depleting online service I would say.
> Any service I use is used with a knowledge of its limitations, like
> java-addlement (something I disliked about the Riseup webmail rewrite), Tor
> friendliness, and so on. I know of virtually no onion web email providers I
> completely trust now (though I still have a soft spot for Sigaint, in part
> given its demonstration of java free webmail.
> Feel free to make suggestions :)
> I also umderstand the riseuppers have used their own VPN? Despite all that
> disparaging talk of VPNs having no privacy and security value at all, from
> the likes of Linux OS makers to Tor advocates?

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