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[tor-talk] idea of ​​making a social networking site that is distributed, hidden, and hosted locally by hidden Tor services

Thank you for your efforts to make the Internet free and safe for everyone

Let me give you the idea of ​​making a social networking site that is distributed and hidden by hidden Tor services
Sure you know how Ricochet.im works

The idea is similar to the way the program works
-Bob creates a hidden Tor service
-Bob installs a social contact page on the hidden service
-Bob posts his tweets on the social networking page

-Alice does work step 1 and 2
-Alice adds to his page the hidden social networking page Bob
-If Bob and Alice are connected, the Alice page downloads the tweets from the Bob page

-All people can browse the Bob and Alice pages via the Tor browser
I mean the web interface is accessible by Tor browser
Web interface is easy to develop

Conclusion: All users should host their accounts on their own machines and communicate with each other through hidden Tor services, without the need for central servers.
I want each user to host his or her account, data and posts on their own device
Contrary to traditional distributed social networking sites

I know that this will be stressful for the Tor network, and I think all users should be running Tor relays and help each other
I think there is no problem because all communications are internal and encrypted end to end

I know there are lots of distributed social networks, but it's hard to install locally as a hidden Tor service
The manager of the social networking site, the traditional distributor, can control and spy on user accounts
But some can be modified such as Friendica, Hubzilla and Pump.io

It is difficult for people to create hidden Tor services
Many hidden services are difficult to browse individually

I think we will succeed in creating a social network that is distributed, hidden, safe and great
I think we will succeed in making a great dark web

Sorry .. My English is weak :(

Thank you for your efforts
Please communicate the idea to developers who are interested

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