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Re: [tor-talk] starting tor with the default service file...

Udo van den Heuvel:
> On 11-03-18 10:54, nusenu wrote:
>>> When trying to start tor using the default service file
>>> contrib/dist/tor.service on a Fedora 26 system with kernel.org kernel we
>>> see a failure to start:
>> I recommend you use the service file shipped by fedora's tor package.
> That service file needs the same capabilities addition...

If you want, I can look into this but I will need some more information:
* how do you install tor from what source (dnf install tor?)
* what version do you use
* your torrc configuration file
* how do you start tor
* how does it fail if you do not modify the service file 
(you did include the logs in your first email)

If it fails, this might be a bug in fedora's service file, in which case
we should report it in fedora's bugzilla.

> How does the tor/tor-master service thing work?
> It is not clear from the service file.

tor-master.service is just there to ensure that all tor instances
are reloaded/restarted when needed (for example when logrotate happens or 
when the tor package is upgraded), see /etc/logrotate.d/tor
and the first few lines in tor.service and tor@.service.

..but you probably will not need anything from tor-master.service directly.
Just use tor.service or in a mutli-instance case: tor@.service

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