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[tor-talk] BSD + Tor [was: obfs4proxy / 1024]

BSD's are a family, with FreeBSD the largest userbase.
It's has been around in essentially the same admin
form for 25+ years... base = kernel + userland, then apps.


mini-memstick found above can be written to USB and
directly used as a "live" system without "installing" it.
Write it to a 16G USB, boot it, add some more
ZFS partitions and customize it from there.
Or "install" it to a second USB which is also "live".

They don't preload the base images with their
own idea of app sets, in fact /usr/local is empty
for you to choose what you want... X, window manager,
shells, browser, MUA, etc.


There's around 31,000 prebuilt application packages.
Choose your list and 'pkg install <packagename>'
each one.

The latest versions of all those mentioned are in there...

OpenVPN 2.4.5
OpenJDK 8.162.12
I2P 0.9.33
Freenet - Not yet, but as with I2P, grabbing the jar
and following the docs is easy enough.

Also mentioned was 'kenel hardening', 'secure OS',
and 'slick'... a bit meaningless without further
explicit example, use case, threat model.
People can join HardenedBSD, TrustedBSD,
create new, or use as is after seeing what's there.

OpenBSD is pretty awesome too.

With OPNsense, TrueOS and FreeNAS, DragonflyBSD,
NetBSD, NAS4Free making up most of the rest of the
current general and specific use space you can search out.

Yes one problem with "linux" is you have to learn both the
way of linux *and* the way of whichever distro on top is
pulling the fragmented bazaar together, then maybe discover
the first random distro out of dozens is not a good fit,
or the distro guts and remodels itself on a whim, then take
a shot at another random distro... a lot of time wasted on
the distro layer alone. Do that problem two or three times
and were probably better off running 'Linux From Scratch'.

There's also people doing some TorBSD.org
BSD + Tor / TBB project you could try / join.

Even Whonix.
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