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Re: [tor-talk] Tor to become illegal in Europe?

On 3/11/19, hikki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <hikki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> They're basically talking about eliminating criminal activities facilitated
> online by the darknet, by making Tor and the dark web illegal and
> inaccessible
> in Europe. It was also stated that most of those who access the dark web are
> actual or potential criminals who need to be stopped before they harm
> anyone,
> and that the disadvantages of the darknet are much more than the advantages.
> https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Europaeischer-Polizeikongress-Weg-mit-dem-Darknet-4313276.html

> Could this be the beginning of the end?

If you're not running for Political Office in Germany, yes it is.
Same goes for any other country, including the USA.
Until then, they will simply overrule you and not give
a shit about your pithy little sign waving protests, wannabe
online activism, and low dollar lobbying... you're deleted,
you're not really competition they have to care about.
Re-educating the public masses out from under childhood
indoctrination is a decades slow process, infiltrating your self / agenda
into Office is much faster... witness them doing it every election cycle ;)
Or you could try in the open like Free State Project / Pirate Party.
When Facebook, Google, Governments and whatever other
anti-privacy surveillors data brokers/miners, spies, control
force freaks, taxing thieves for war torture murder... go bankrupt,
you win. Win you open multiple fronts, writing and/or vetoing
laws to help do it, it'll happen a bit faster... if you're actually
not, or don't become, one of them... which is rare... as no
revolution in history has ever lasted... yet.

European Police Congress: Away with the Darknet

At the European Police Congress in Berlin, a ban on Darknets in free
democratic states was called for.

To start on one's own behalf is supposedly bad style. But this note is
necessary this time: heise online operates since 2016, the hot
tipster, which is accessible, inter alia, via Tor and whistleblowers a
secure contact address in this "Darknet" allows, which was used
several times.

No room for Tor

If the current federal government decides, then this may be a criminal
offense in the future. At the opening of the 22nd European Police
Congress in Berlin, Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary in
the Federal Ministry of the Interior, demanded a radical ban on Tor:
"I understand why the Darknet can be of use in autocratic systems, but
in a free, open democracy, I think for no legitimate benefits, those
who use the Darknet are usually up to no good, and this simple
realization should also be reflected in our legal system. "

The needs of whistleblowers have no place in the world view of Krings,
which demanded a second IT security law, which should be implemented
later this year. In the remainder of his speech, the CDU politician
was primarily concerned with the SPD-led Ministry of Justice, which in
his view, the propagated pact for the rule of law systematically
undermines and delays. It would have long been possible to settle the
question of what should happen to German jihad fighters who want to
get rid of Kurds and Syrians, said the State Secretary. However,
Krings praised the tool RADAR-iTE, which reliably identifies and
classifies Islamists on a three-level scale.

Krings was followed in the opening ceremony by Wolfgang Sobotka,
President of the Austrian National Council. He praised China for not
having any inhibitions and successfully ignoring data protection when
analyzing citizens. His statement that there is a human right to
political asylum, but no human right to asylum for economic or social
reasons, fit into the picture he drew.

European Border Patrol
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