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[tor-talk] metric moving theoretical attack, what I don't know

Hello List,

not so sure if this have been discussed before:
(vulnerable directory fetching/host security)

Run a tor network from scratch with no dogdyness, with
middle.nodes, exit nodes and bridges. Control a directory
server. Run no virus or other attacks in it. Now having
a mathematical model that can see node/metric being never
connected with the real tor network. How to identify the
wrong directory server, except from having good starting
defaults. (that is, sane DNS, sane provider)

node junk1 is active and sane from view junk view
node junk1 is inactive and sane from view view

attacks now:
isolation (done with saneness)
more nodes (directory server)
more traffic (run vulnerable tor software)

How to ensure sane-ness of directory server?

Does it make sense to measure metric to other nodes?

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