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Re: [tor-talk] Revisiting youtube blocking TBB, virtually all 1st attempts to load YT

When you first go to the domain www.youtube.com instead and
afterwards visit the URL of the video you found, that is not considered
to be suspicious. (It's not even related to redirects, you can copy and
paste the URL from somewhere else.)
Contrary to your experience, I get more "are you human" delays, by
directly entering in a new tab: https://www.youtube.com, than from
redirects or c&p URLs on YT's site.

I get relatively few "are you human" notices, if re-directed from other
site's links to YT.  That part may vary some, but it's far fewer times
than opening YT in new tabs, without FIRST clearing my cache AND getting
a new identity.

I've tried 5 - 10 new circuits, checking that the exit IPa changed. Once
they deny access *the 1st time,* changing circuits is much less
successful than clearing cache & a new identity.  I just don't know why
clearing the cache 1st is important, if YT can't read cache (sometimes
cookies) from other sites.  Maybe they know something we don't.  Won't
be the 1st time.

A new identity *w/o clearing cache* works less often, so it's easier to
do it first.  The exit relay's country doesn't matter too much. They
block lots of U.S. exits for me.
I don't know if it means they've seen lots of spamming, scraping, DoS
from the IPa's or what.  What ever it means, apparently YT now thinks
there's a LOT of it.
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