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[tor-talk] Removal of v2 onion service support (was: Tor is released)

Nick Mathewson <nickm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 2021-03-18:

> Changes in version - 2021-03-18
>   Tor is the first alpha release in the 0.4.6.x series. It
>   improves client circuit performance, adds missing features, and
>   improves some of our DoS handling and statistics reporting. It also
>   includes numerous smaller bugfixes.

I was somewhat surprised for a while that I could no longer
access v2 onion services after upgrading to tor-

Mar 19 11:33:39.764 [warn] {APP} Invalid hostname jvauzb4sb3bwlsnc.onion; rejecting

It looks like the support was intentionally dropped in 2c865542b6.
Unless I missed it, the ChangeLog doesn't seem to mention this, though.

It also seems to be ahead of the previously announced deprecation timeline:
| 2. July 15th, 2021
| 0.4.6.x: Tor will no longer support v2 and support will be removed from the code base.

In case of the Privoxy.org onion service it doesn't matter as
requests to http://jvauzb4sb3bwlsnc.onion/ are already redirected to
anyway, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


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