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Re: Fingerprint missing

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 05:06:56PM +0200, helge preuss wrote:
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> Hi,
> I am trying to set up a tor server. I do this for the first time, so
> please bear with me if I overlooked something simple.
> Currently I fail at step 4 of the instructions (sending the
> fingerprint to tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>).
> The fingerprint in my DataDirectory ( /var/lib/tor ) is simply not
> generated, all I find in that directory is a file called cached-directory.
> Under the given links I can not find my server as part of the tor
> network (I don't quite understand the contents of that link, but I
> nicknamed my server "gubi" and I can't find that string on that page).
> So it seems sending the fingerprint really is a crucial step.
> tor runs as user tor, I use the setup.sh script from the contrib
> directory with appropriately edited users and paths to start tor.
> The only point where I didn't follow the instructions closely is that
> my system clock is about half an hour off. I can't change this because
> I run on a virtual server, which uses the underlying hardware clock,
> to which I have no access.
> I use tor
> Thanks for any suggestion,
> Helge

Did you uncomment ORPort in the torrc?


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