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Re: tor ...

my prev mail was sent to or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx by mistake. 
i apologise for
any inconvenience caused

--- or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
i am principle developer of Rodi project.
> i read your post on the
> Tor maillist. i thought that probably you could check this project 
> http://larytet.sourceforge.net/rodiAnonymity.shtml

> Rodi is an open source project. i am desperately looking for one-two
> to run simple PHP scripts or a couple of rodi clients (Java code)
on different
> ports. 
> Rodi application contains two separate parts
- rodi engine (CLI)
> and GUI front end. Interface between two is socket
based and secured. Rodi
> engine never runs above 1% and requires about 25M
of RAM. Size of the binary
> is about 350K. Memory footprint can be made
smaller by removing debug information
> if you need.
> greatly appreciate
your help, Arkady