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I am using TOR, Privoxy and PuTTY on a Windows box with XP SP2

Don't know if this is 'correct' but I tried (at first) pointing 'PuTTY'
at 'Privoxy'
on localhost:8118

That didn't work so, I pointed PuTTY at TOR listening on localhost:9050
(using the Socks 5 option in PuTTY) with "Do DNS lookup at proxy end"
set to auto.

It worked, but TOR responded with this msg.

"May 19 08:03:48.883 [warn] fetch_from_buf_socks(): Your application
(using socks5 on
port 22) is giving Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS
resolves themselv
es may leak information. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or
socat) instead."

Well, there is no 'Socks4A" option in PuTTY. (only 4 or 5)

So, with "Do DNS lookup at proxy end" set to "Yes"  it connected and no
warnings from TOR.

It seemed to work, though I don't know if it was 'correct' or if there
is a better way.

Any ideas?