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Re: Problems with TOR & FreeBSD

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 04:52:39PM -0400, Warren Barrow wrote:
>   My behavior now is TOR will run for a short 
> while then error out with the following entries:
> May 20 15:13:40.870 [warn] connection_about_to_close_connection(): Bug: 
> Closing stream (marked at connection.c:1000) without sending back a 
> socks reply.

Thanks, I've fixed this bug in what will soon be called

> May 20 15:13:49.616 [err] do_main_loop(): libevent poll with kqueue 
> failed: Invalid argument [22]

When you start Tor logging to stdout, and libevent prints a little blurb
when you startup, like
|May 22 00:03:21.189 [notice] Initialized libevent version 1.1 using
|method poll
what does yours say?