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Re: raise ulimit?

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- From "man bash":

      ulimit [-SHacdfmstpnuv [limit]]
             Ulimit  provides  control over the resources avail-
             able to the shell and to processes started  by  it,
             on  systems  that allow such control.  The value of
             limit can be a number in the unit specified for the
             resource,  or  the  value  unlimited.   The H and S
             options specify that the hard or soft limit is  set
             for  the  given  resource.   A hard limit cannot be
             increased once it is  set;  a  soft  limit  may  be
             increased  up  to  the value of the hard limit.  If
             neither H nor S is specified, the  command  applies
             to  the  soft limit.  If limit is omitted, the cur-
             rent value of the soft limit  of  the  resource  is
             printed,  unless  the H option is given.  When more
             than one resource is specified, the limit name  and
             unit  is  printed  before the value.  Other options
             are interpreted as follows:
             -a     all current limits are reported
             -c     the maximum size of core files created
             -d     the maximum size of a process's data segment
             -f     the  maximum  size  of  files created by the
             -m     the maximum resident set size
             -s     the maximum stack size
             -t     the maximum amount of cpu time in seconds
             -p     the pipe size in 512-byte blocks  (this  may
                    not be set)
             -n     the  maximum number of open file descriptors
                    (most systems do not allow this value to  be
                    set, only displayed)
             -u     the maximum number of processes available to
                    a single user
             -v     The maximum amount of virtual memory  avail-
                    able to the shell

             An  argument of -- disables option checking for the
             rest of the arguments.  If limit is  given,  it  is
             the  new  value  of  the specified resource (the -a
             option is display only).  If no  option  is  given,
             then -f is assumed.  Values are in 1024-byte incre-
             ments, except for -t,  which  is  in  seconds,  -p,
             which  is  in  units of 512-byte blocks, and -n and
             -u, which are unscaled values.  The  return  status
             is  0  unless  an  illegal option is encountered, a
             non-numeric argument other than unlimited  is  sup-
             plied  as limit, or an error occurs while setting a
             new limit.You need to raise open file descriptors...Markus
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Subject: raise ulimit?

This is an interesting warning message:

[warn] connection_add(): Failing because we have 991 connections already.
Please raise
your ulimit -n.

Got several of them and don´t know what to do. I am not using bandwidth
limiting, if that´s
what it is refering to.

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