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Re: Banned from Slashdot

jwbaker@xxxxxxx (Jeffrey Baker) writes:

> > Either your network or ip address has been banned from Slashdot

> It is ridiculous that you can't use Slashdot over SSL.

That's a $5 subscription feature.

> My main point is that I hope we all get banned from Slashdot
> someday, to finally prove the absurdity of banning IP addresses.

Tor's banned from posting to Slashdot, at least posting anonymously,
because of extended abuse.  We hope we don't have to ban _reading_
from Tor, but that depends on the level of abuse we see.   If anyone
has an alternative, please let me know.

Is there any interest in having Tor's exit nodes check a standard
location on websites that are being connected to, to see if that
site has a policy about what anonymizing networks should and should
not be allowed to do?  For example, if we could put a machine-
parseable file at a standard URL on slashdot.org that would ask Tor
not to transmit POST requests to any URL on our site beginning with
"/comments.pl", that would be a way to minimize attackers' damage.
A way to request rate-limiting would be welcome too.  Any ideas?
  Jamie McCarthy