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Re: "User.Actions" Template

Anothony Georgeo <anogeorgeo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I think it is wise to note that Privoxy can not filter
> HTTPS.  Most non-tech end-users do not know this.  I
> do not block HTTPS connections as I think it is
> easiser to simply not visit an HTTPS url.

How do you convince your browser not to fetch
additional images and style sheet through HTTPS?

Not actively visiting untrusted HTTPS sites doesn't
stop anyone from spicing up his pages with HTTPS
content to get more information about his visitors.

> There are
> very legimite uses for HTTPS (eg. online banking) and
> an end-user can make a quick, informed decision.

Of course there is legitimate use for HTTPS, but that
doesn't mean one should allow all HTTPS connections
by default.


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