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We won't need Tor anymore


anybody who speaks German read this:
Everybody else please use the google translation service. This is just

This has got to be the most shocking news ever. I am dead serious! I was
looking for a "gotcha - you went for it" line at the bottom of that
article. But there wasn't any.

I am not sure what is going on in Europe right now. Maybe global warming
has already fried the brains of the politicians in Europe.

They want to make providers store every single login and password, nicks
to every interactive website visited. Also owners of private websites
are supposed to store all connection details.

Germany is a close friend of France and whatever has been spoken out
load in Europe will eventually become reality. 

Will the terrorist really be the only ones to be able to surf
anonymously in the future? Using other people's hijacked machines?

The first thing before anything will be that Tor is outlawed.

To the free people outside Europe: If you read this, please help us.
Please help the oppressed Europeans. The People's Republic of Europe
needs your help.

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