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Re: Questions

2. If you want to control countries, look into different tor
controllers. Your best bet is to route tor through some open socks 4/5
proxies around the web. Download a proxy checker, some proxy lists,
and a proxy chainer. I've heard charon and sockschain are good for
windows, but I can't personally vouch for them.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 5/7/07, JT <toruser@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am using the lasted version of Tor.

1) What are the implications of accessing an SSL Server via Tor?

My understanding is that when encrypted html comes out of the Tunnel on
the client side it goes through privoxy and then into the browser.
Correct? Therefore privoxy can not filter anything.
If all scripting is turned off, no plugins installed and everything set
up as recommended then does this pose a security
problem? How does privoxy help anyways if scripting is turned off by
default(i.e noscript).

2) Why are there so many circuits all made up of nodes from the same
country? All from the USA or all from Germany, etc.
This is no good! At least one should be from a different jurisdiction.
Even if all are from the EU it is no good.
How difficult would it be to only allow clients to connect to IPs(first
node in the path) that are not from the same country as the client?
Would that be very difficult to do? I can imagine that this would
increase security a lot.

3) There is a problem on Windows XP in the current verion(latest). If
Tor is stopped(not shut down) from Vidalia
it can not be restarted. There is an error that comes up.


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