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Re: www.torrify.com

It appears they are getting ready for an anonymizer.com style service.  I like how they say for their premium service "All Internet Traffic Anonymized." and "High Speed access to TOR Network" for 35/month...  Yeah, so does JanusVM and it's completely free.   The only thing that slows down Tor is the lake of Nodes.
They offer Torpark for free, but we've already discussed the drawbacks and advantages of Torpark in the past, primarily being they only support Web traffic.

I stick with my transparent proxy that can do all TCP traffic (JanusVM), thanks.

And good luck with those crypto laptops...AES 256 is very secure but IT WILL kill the Celeron or Pentium M in these systems. Forget running at the Max advertised speed with that heavy of crypto running in the background. It would be way too slow.

On 5/8/07, Sam <or-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

isn't TOR a volunteer effort?

Are they using TOR and making $$'s off it?


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