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Re: suggestion for 'is my installation of tor working?' page

I've put together the sort of page I think new Tor users need to visit when 
they get started on Tor for the first time. It's designed for TorK users, so 
doesn' t attempt to check your IP address or anything like that. Since it's 
very hard for a web service to know *all* Tor nodes at any given time, I 
wonder if the Tor node check is more confusing than it is helpful.


I've basically just filleted the jscript at showmyip.com/torstatus and made it 
a little more user-friendly.

The catch with this sort of page is that a healthcheck website can only check 
for plugins/java/cookies if jscript is enabled, so you never get a fully 
green response. But at least it alerts users to the ways in which they can 
leak anonymity.

As an aside, shouldn't the download page mention the perils of javascript?


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