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LiveCD / USB for testing

I have made a Live CD with the intent of anonymous Internet usage and am 
offering it for review. I am aware of AnonymousAnywhere.com and ROCKate and I 
hope we can build on each other's work.

I have documented the CD at http://www.patdouble.com/torcd.html . Actually I 
have two CDs, a full version of approximately 328M and a "tiny" version of 
67M. Download is via BitTorrent:


I don't have much upload bandwidth, so please seed if you can.

One major change I am considering is blocking all UDP packets. Currently this 
is not done, but I'd like the CD in it's final version to be confident in 
it's security. I'm also considering making this a boot time option.

A major feature of this CD is a script that will copy to a USB and make it 
bootable. You can then carry on a USB pendrive an anonymous install and on 
this media your home directory will be saved, so settings, history, etc. will 
persist across sessions.

Some time in the future I will provide my build root. The CD uses the Gentoo 
Catalyst tool so it can be built from scratch. No existing CD necessary. 
Although this process can take many hours.

Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Ye must be born again." - John 3:7

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