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Re: Tor Server Behind Reactive Firewall

On 5/19/07, Rouslan Nabioullin <nabioullinr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Will a reactive firewall affect a middle-node Tor server? I am planning to
use a Smoothwall Linux firewall with the reactive mod

Well, what does "reactive" mean? I just had a short look at it and those p2p.rules files seems to be covering what's mentioned at http://www.snort.org/vrt/docs/ruleset_changelogs/changes-2006-04-12.html. Tor isn't explictly mentioned there. But who knows what kind of rules were included in the meantime, so you should check that beforehand.

I am concerned since when I ran a Tor server with Smoothwall, there were
hundreds of entries logged in IDS (intrusion detection system).

What kind of messages? Would be nice if you could share them so that a Tor-specific rulefile could be created (if someone not already did that?)

Try the Yahoo! Mail Beta.

No. :-)

Cheers, Alex.

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