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Re: Tor/privoxy and gmail/ajax?

If you're logging only HTTP, could it be you're not seeing HTTPS
sessions with gmail?

Thus spake Michael_google gmail_Gersten:
> I have privoxy set up to log all connections (debug 1). I see all my
> HTTP requests showing up in real time.
> Everything, that is, except for what happens with gmail.
> Now, I have gmail set to bypass tor (too slow otherwise). But Firefox
> is still sending everything to privoxy, which isn't logging anything
> on gmail after the initial visit.
> Is ajax somehow bypassing the proxy? (I know that Java now has a proxy
> bypasser, so I have to wonder...)
> EDIT: Weird. I opened a second gmail window, and the second one is
> logging everything through privoxy. But the first one doesn't.

Eugene Y. Vasserman