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[ANNOUNCE] JanusVM Security Update

Hey everyone, we got an updated version of JanusVM out.
Because of the exploits found between April and now, we are recommending everyone update immediately!

* Updated Tor to version
* Fixed Samba vulnerability (CVE-2007-2444, CVE-2007-2446, CVE-2007-2447)
* Fixed PPTPD vulnerability (CVE-2007-0244)
* Fixed initial "loopback detected" error when establishing the VPN connection.
* Added a "Internal" network interfaces and Samba share for better personal security.
* A few bug fixes in the menu options.
* Removed the help menu inside the VM.

And remember to verify the checksum of JanusVM.zip. I've got two reports in late April that the checksums didn't match, but everything worked fine.  That was enough to make me worry.  So, here are the valid checksums of the May-2007 release.

MD5: ce0f22f9093b7197ee3d79932ddf7ce1
SHA1: ef512e093ab9fe3d052bec23ad89bfc2563ad736
SHA256: 9a57c1b9ae594268ef2b5f9bd245762b603ee12bc847ef8698cc2452fc6c36e1

As always, feel free to send any feedback to me directly.

~ Kyle