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Re: ISP TOS restrictions on servers

All the replies prior to this one are quite good.. I just wanted to add
one other thing you might need to watch for. Bandwidth shaping. I ran a
Tor server for a short while on my home isp account.. they didn't do
anything formal to complain. However, after running it for a while
(couple of month) I found that my inbound and outbound bandwidth had
decreased, by about 20%. I stopped running the server (it was
technically a violation of the AUP, etc) and then called tech support
about the off speeds once I was fairly sure the server activity wouldn't
show up in logs. The handed me a load of bull about line signal levels
being off.. and could I please cycle the modem.. (you know, to pick up
the new MIB).. and poof my line was fine again. (BTW, I checked the
cable modem stats before and after the change.. the signal levels were
exactly the same.)

anyway.. long story short.. just something you might want to watch for..
Just because it happened to me (I'm not using Verizon) doesn't mean
it'll happen to you. 



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