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Problems with XS4ALL in The Netherlands

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Hello fellow Tor relay operators,

Six days ago XS4ALL shut down the DSL connection of a friend of mine who
was running a Tor exit relay on this DSL connection (relay nickname
ILiekMudkipz). They did this because they thought there was a trojan
running on this system.

This isn't the first time XS4ALL did this, but this time they threatened
him with terminating his DSL account if you would run a Tor relay again.
After making the promise that he wouldn't run a Tor exit again on this
DSL connection, they reconnected him. He forwarded the e-mail where they
threathened him with terminating his account but it's in Dutch. If
anyone wants to read it, please send me a mail.

This is a warning for all Dutch Tor relay operators who run a Tor exit
relay on their XS4ALL DSL. XS4ALL doesn't like Tor. I'm kinda shocked of
coming to conclusion that one of the most liberal ISP's in the
Netherlands, who fights for human rights on the Internet like privacy
and unfiltered access, doesn't like Tor and even punishes exit relay
operators for running a relay.

Tom Hek
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