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Re: lots of DMCA request's... (1/day)

    On Thu, 15 May 2008 23:56:30 +0100 (BST) tara@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>Hi everyone, I run an exit node (nickname: swopusa), and now I'm averaging 1 DMCA request per day for TV shows, movies and the like, from paramount, NBC universal, etc.
>I do BW limiting @ 100k/sec -- 2GB/day.  Otherwise it's the default configuration.
>I'm really not all that smart about tor, I've never even used it as a client. I don't mind occasional DMCA requests but 1 a day is starting to piss off my ISP (linode.com) and frustrate me.
>Any one have thoughts, besides NOT running an exit node?
     You could use ExitPolicy lines in torrc either to a) prevent exits to
the port(s) in question or b) prevent exits to those particular IP addresses
or, more specifically, to those IP address and port combinations.

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